Sewing your own clothes takes time and effort and skill.  Why not choose to cultivate the practice with beautiful cloth and well crafted tools that enhance the pleasure and bring joy!

We buy cloth grown, woven and finished in Europe.  We started sourcing our cloth in the UK, then France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Lithuania.  We met the weavers at their factories, looking for mills we can trust to provide beautiful cloth that will last a lifetime: mills who are honest about the origin of their materials.  Face to face meetings are so important for good relationships and much better than endless emails.  They meet you, they learn about what your needs are.  You learn about their production processes and timelines.  You ask endless questions and you begin to narrow your focus. 


Bit by bit, we found what we wanted.  It is, of course, cloth we want to sew with.  Cloth with a depth of colour,  a heavier weight, an interesting blend with texture and nuance in the shade.  Colours that work with all skin tones, cool and warm.   Some are limited edition and some we will stock all year round.


We hope you find something that you like!