Our Studio is now open!  We really hope it will stay that way and we have put restrictions and measures in place to prioritise everyone’s safety while they visit.  

Thanks to our incredible team, our online shop opened and has shipped throughout the pandemic, providing you with all your cloth, haberdashery and patterns.

As of Monday 26 October 2020, we moved into our beautiful light-filled studio, quaintly named The Squash Court at Balcombe Place Stables. It really was the old squash court for this lovely country manor house and we have our own building adjacent to the courtyard and stables!  You can read about this incredible estate HERE.  

We are blessed with plenty of space: we offer ample room to sew and browse the shop, while our courtyard has a sheltered area to enjoy good weather in the open air.  Our seating plans and sewing spaces have been arranged to allow for distance between tables, and our outdoor area has plenty of space to enjoy coffee or tea, weather permitting, while you take a break from your sewing. 

Rest assured that we have the strictest health and safety measures in place as we continue to develop our studio. We strictly adhere to advice and updates from PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND.


Below we have shared some of our FAQs and details on the safety measures in place across all that we do at the Studio.


On our open days, the Studio has a maximum number of 6 customers allowed in at any one time, with a limit of 2 customers together per household or car.  We will open bookings for a time slot well in advance so that everyone who wants to visit will be able to book on a first come, first served basis.


We are accepting cashless payments only.


We ask all of our customers to wear a face covering, to wash or sanitise their hands upon entering the Studio and to observe social distancing guidelines.


If you have Covid-19 symptoms (persistent cough, fever) or have come into close contact with someone displaying these symptoms, please refrain from visiting. 


Our social sewing is now taking place for up to 6 people sewing at a time.

If you plan to book some time in our Studio for social sewing we must ask that you wear a face covering,  wash or sanitise your hands upon entering the Studio and observe our social distancing guidelines.


If you have Covid-19 symptoms (persistent cough, fever) or have come into close contact with someone displaying these symptoms, please refrain from visiting. 

We must ask that you bring your own scissors and favourite tools.

All machines, furniture and everything else that you might use will be thoroughly cleaned before and after your scheduled time.

The following safety measures are in place whilst you are in the Studio;


Maximum of 6 guests allowed at each social.


Social distancing of 2 metres apart to be observed at all times.  Our sewing tables and our cutting tables are clearly marked.


Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance and by every work station.


With This Cloth staff members will be wearing a face covering or shield while we have customers present.


Guests are not facing one another at their workstations.


All of our staff have access to handwashing facilities and are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and often – this is key as the government continues to confirm that hand washing is the single best control measure to prevent contamination.


With This Cloth staff members and are required to follow an illness reporting procedure should they have any symptoms, in line with industry standards.

If there are any questions you would like to ask or suggestions to make about our procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us

We hope that these measures will keep us all safe and happily sewing!