The T shirt is probably the world’s most popular garment, presented here as a smart, contemporary evolution of a wardrobe staple.


The Merchant and Mills Tee Shirt is a smart combination of a woven fabric with a stretch rib neck, a breast pocket and optional rolled up sleeves.


Whilst this style has been designed for a man,  it can easily be adapted for women too. There is a lengthen line on the pattern if you would like to extend it into a dress this requires approximately 80cm more fabric. This is only a guide.  Do measure your extened length. Merchant and Mills suggest going for an oversized fit if making the dress as the side seams are completely straight.


This is a multi-size paper pattern including sizes 36 – 46. 


Skill level ∙ Suitable for beginners


Suggested fabrics ∙  Laundered linen, linen blends,  denim, cotton chambray, Indian handweaves, fine wool, needlecord.


Trims needed ∙ matching thread / 10cm ribbing.


Please click on the photos for more information on sizing and fabric requirements.

Merchant and Mills: The Tee Shirt