Working with linen, I've found that this weight of interfacing is best for collars, collarstands, fly fronts and behind buttonholes.  I tend not to interface a button band becasue I find interfacing down the front of a garment too stiff.  If I have a button band, I interface the back of the button hole only.


Vlieseline G700 is an iron-on woven interfacing that is the perfect weight for small parts. Cut the interfacing in a lengthwise direction, following the grain of the fabric.  Press the coated side down on your fabric, cover with a press cloth and press with a light steam for 10 seconds. Don't move your iron around but maintain an even pressure on each part of the interfacing.  Allow it to cool so that the glue can set properly.


Don't buy too much interfacing at one time.  Buy just enough for your next two or three projects becasue the glue deteriorates over time and it becoems less effective when stored for long preiods.


Always test on a scrap of fabric before using it on your project.


100% cotton woven interfacing. Available in Balck or White


90cm wide  



Vlieseline Woven Interfacing